Feedback from Our Customers

I have been consuming in the Rose of Sharon beauty for almost 4 years! Rose of Sharon Beauty is an excellent and professional beauty center which fill with love. The boss is a good and sincere Christian. Treating each guest is like treating a good Friend. The skin care products they used in the products are all one of the top brands among the world, and you don't need to worry about that the quality of the product. 

I don't know have you ever tried to do facial in another beauty salon before?  Just start from your lying down on the bed, and they will continue to ask you to purchase their course and products, and you just wish to rest quietly!

But when you come to Rose of Sharon to doing facial, you can enjoy the process thoroughly. You don't need to worry about the situation that I mentioned before. I highly recommend Valmont and LPG facial because after you try, you will have an unexpected effect.


I came to Rose of Sharon beauty for almost three years. Cecilia is very lovely and polite. Also, she has the heart to do facial. Every time, when I do the LPG treatment, I would fall asleep. They use several excellent products which I have seen on a counter of some mall. I used to consume in the other beauty salon, and they always ask me to upgrade my plan while I was doing a treatment which made me felt uncomfortable. So, I didn't want to consume in that beauty salon more even my treatment plan would become useless as expired. Rose Of Sharon doesn't have these problems, so I love to consume in here as I will rest assured.

Miss D