Brand Introduction

In 1986, LPG was founded by a professional mechanical engineer. It is well-known as using beauty machine to serve customer. Globally, LPG has provided over 200,000,000 treatments in connective tissue with the head leader. Its machine has been tested and certified over 30 years and there have been over 145 study reports to prove its effectiveness.


Rose of Sharon Beauty uses the latest (10th generation) LPG machine.



Face Lifting

- Repel the Dark Circles 

- Get Rid of Double Chin

- Wrinkles Smooth

Brand Introduction


- Forehead 

- Fineline & crows feet 

- Puffiness & Dark circles 

- Firming 

- Reduce appearance Of double chin 

- Lip shaping 

- Neckline 

- Hand repair 

- Bust 


Improve blood circulation, activate skin cells, 

remove toxins, improve facial shine, smooth 

skin, improve skin elasticity 


Improve the lymphatic system, improve blood 

circulation, detoxifications, reduce neck lines, 

skin rejuvenation, improve sensitive skin, 

firming facial contour


Plump cheeks, remodeling apple muscle, 

enhance the nose profile, abundance, lip 

enrichment and reduce wrinkles, facial 

contouring and enhance facial shine 


Enhance facial contours, V-face lift and 

firm skin, reduce wrinkles and activate the 

underlying cells Of the skin


Face Slimming, improve the double chin, 

compact face shape, improve lymphatic 

circulation, drainage detoxification, slender- 

ness, improve skin quality, improve neck line 


Activate skin cells, improve circulation, 

improve the activity Of the base, and Other 

cosmetic treatment to enhance the effect 

and enhance skin absorption


Improve dark circles, reduce eye wrinkles, 

improve eye contours, relieve eye fatigue, 

improve lip lines, lip enrichment, improve 

lip contour


To improve the problem of serious double 

chin, focus on cellulite, improve lymphatic 

circulation, drainage detoxification, 

remodeling facial contours, stimulate hand 

points to improve skin quality